The Experience That Turns Casual Visitors Into Lifelong Customers

Bringing together unrivaled gamification and loyalty techniques to acquire and retain customers.

Create Customized Loyalty and Cashback Campaigns in Minutes

Offering cashback rewards means you don't have to discount your products or lower their value. With Gameball, you can create cashback reward campaigns and offer cashback bonuses - all in under 5 minutes.

Turn Your Loyal Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Social referrals are the most powerful, effective, and easiest ways to boost your referral strategy and grow your customer base.
Personalized Referral Links For Each Customer
Make your customers feel VIP with personalized links they can send their friends.
Set Referral Goals For Your Customers
Motivate customers to refer more friends by rewarding them for each referral.
Supercharge with Referral Analytics
Experiment with different rewards and perks for customers and then measure your efforts with referral analytics.

Use levels and tiers to increase engagement, offer exciting rewards and recognise your VIP customers

Create challenges that give your customers rewards for their birthday, repeat purchases, sharing your content on socials, daily streaks, and signup anniversary.
Attract and Acquire With Personalized Levels
Set milestones and entice customers to continuously engage by rewarding them with special perks, new levels, and special achievements.
Different Benefits For Every Tier
Offer each customer a unique experience and allow them to choose their favorite rewards for increased loyalty and retention.
Identify and  Reward  Your VIP Customers
With a tiered loyalty program, you can uncover who your top customers are and reward them. Offer them VIP status and exclusive rewards.

Today's the day you never lose a customer again.

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