Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors

Social referrals are the most powerful, effective, and easiest ways to boost your referral strategy and grow your customer base

Get creative with your “refer a friend” campaigns

There's no limit to what you can do with referral marketing automation. Create and test campaigns easily and see what works best with your customers.

Use referral marketing strategies with In-depth analytics

Experiment with different rewards and perks for customers and then measure your efforts with referral analytics.
Allow your customers to help you grow your brand
Use analytics to understand which customers bring the most referrals
In-depth tracking of all referral campaigns from one dashboard
create unique challenges centered around referrals
Reach a wider audience in a cost-effective manner
Offer dynamic rewards for referrals

Auto-generate shareable referral links for each customer

Shareable referral links for each customer

Every customer that signs up to your website or platform can get a unique auto-generated referral link to share across their various networks

Use deep links for mobile app downloads

Take referrals a step further and track actions and events across your mobile app. Use deep-linking to track customers' referrals and provide deep analytical insights.

Get ready for new levels of engagement, retention, and loyalty with Gameball.