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Are You Making the Most Out of Gameball?

June 25, 2020
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It is easy to sign up for a service and use its basic features. But what if there were features you didn't know about but that could not only help your business but also excite your customers and reinvent their curiosity?

Our Story

When we started Gameball, we found that what excited us wasn't available in the market. We liked games and some of us – not naming those – can spend hours playing a game.

So why weren't businesses leveraging on this? After all, they could add gamification features to their e-commerce websites and e-businesses and would have people coming back for more, right?

Put simply, don't you just enjoy levelling up?

At Gameball, we LOVE that feeling and we wondered why we couldn't experience it with business as well.

And don't worry, before launching our product, we asked around, and found others doing something similar but we couldn't find what we needed or were looking for.

Hence, Gameball was born!

What makes Gameball different?

As we said we've seen 'others.' We learnt from them and took them a few steps forward.

For starters, and shortly after launching on Shopify we started adding features that no one else had.

Like what? You ask

At Gameball our chief focus is gamified loyalty programs. We use loyalty marketing along with referral programs to help businesses retain and grow their customers.

To do that, we offer a wide range of features to support a global audience and customer base.


So we started by increasing the number of languages we support. We began with English but now we support 4 more languages with 2 more in the works.

By 31 December 2019, Gameball supported:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

Since 15 January 2020, we've added:

  • Portuguese
  • Polish

This brings the total number of languages supported by Gameball to 7!


What? SDK is short for Software Development Kit. Basically, it's a bundle of software development tools that can be found in a single package, which make it easier for business owners and developers to create applications for their businesses.

We offer 2 types of SDKs, both of which can be easily integrated with mobile apps.

In other words, if you're an e-commerce or online business with a mobile app, you can use Gameball's SDKs to enhance your customers' experience through gamified loyalty.

With the mobile options, you can easily integrate the app and your store on Android and iOS.

And don't worry, once you sign up with Shopify, we will show you how to use everything on the Gameball app. Easy peasy, we promise!

New level of Gamification

As we said, our primary focus is gamification for loyalty programs. BUT you don't have to stick to Gameball's basic look. You can create your own in the way that serves your business.

For example, let's say you sell games and consoles online. Wouldn't it be logic to have a game-like experience allowing customers to level up and gain bonuses with a PUBG experience? Or if you prefer old school with a touch of nostalgia, then maybe a Super Mario look?

Here's a look of what one of our customers did with their Gameball features. They sell cookies and other yummy desserts online.

So, to level up, they created 'Cookie' badges for when you carried out certain actions on their website like signing up, referring a friend, and making your first purchase or order.

Next Steps

Now that you know what you CAN do with Gameball, what will you start with? If you're still stunned by all the features, you can contact our customer support at

Integrate Gameball with your e-commerce store on Shopify today and watch your revenues grow.