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How to Use Customized Messages for a Better Customer Experience

August 31, 2020
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Customers today look for personalization. They feel appreciated when they see a customized message. They no longer care about those messages everyone gets. They appreciate options and discounts tailored to them.

But why should you consider customized messages as a marketing tool?

The truth is, sending personalized or customized messages to targeted customers in your online store can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Studies show that sending the right message to your customers at the right time can boost conversion by at least 50%!

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Customized Messages: The Stats

Imagine shopping on your favorite platform for a wallet, then you get a notification message with the most popular wallets sold… Wouldn’t you click this targeted message to explore more, possibly better options?

According to the Digital Marketing Institute and a recent survey by Yotpo, statistics show that:

  • Over 90% of e-commerce platforms experienced an increase in conversion after personalizing their customer experience
  • Over 50% of customers complete a purchase if they get personalized or customized messages
  • Over 40% see an increase in conversion rate using a personalized call to action (CTA) messages over a generic CTA

Offering a tailored experience on your platform through personalized notifications or messagesand CTA messages to convert can be tricky, but it’s also very easy if you follow these tested best-practices.

Customize Messages for Better Sales

So, how can you as an online business or store owner customize messages for your current and future customers? And what criteria do these messages need to have?

1. Humanize Your Messages

Avoid sounding like a robot. You don’t want your customers to feel like they are receiving automated messages that are not tailored to their needs.

Here are some of the best ideas that you can apply:

  • Use first names when sending in-app messages or emails. There are many tools that can help you do that even when you are sending out an automated email or message.
  • Write your messages as if you are talking to your customers in person.
  • Use language and words that are relevant and familiar to your customers. Hire someone who can be your voice in all written communications, if you need to.

Which of the following messages do you think would have a better conversion?

“Check our latest on sale items!”


“Hello Jane,

Have you seen our latest on-sale items today?”

I’m guessing, like me, you’d pick the second option.

The reason is simple: It’s more personalized and sounds more like how someone would talk to you in person.

How Does Gameball Let You Humanize Your Messages?

Using Gameball’s loyalty and rewards program, you can send in-app messages to your customerswithout the need for a CRM.

Gameball lets you humanize your customer messages in a few simple ways:

  • Add images to message icons
  • Include customer’s first name in your messages
  • Add buttons to redirect your customers to a certain page
  • Display messages in the same language your users are using

One of the cool things about Gameball is that it supports 9 languages (and counting). More on that in our help center.

Below is an image showing a customized message that appeared to Robert once he spent over $1,000 in purchases so that he can come back later to use the $100 he just won!

2. Segment Your Customers

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your customers’ needs. That’s why it’s essential you segment your customers and treat each group of customers differently.

For example, you can’t target different types of customers in the same way. Why? Because they have different ways of looking at and considering your product.

In other words, your frequent customers and your new customers don’t act the same way around your products. You should provide frequent customers with different benefits than first-time visitors.

Use Gameball to Segment Customers

Gameball lets you customize your messages based on configured customer data like: purchase history, gender, interest, age, and many more.

This way you don’t treat all your customers that same way. Instead, you send each of your customer segment tailored messages based on their data.

If you are a fast fashion store, for instance, you would also need to target customers differently based on their gender and their purchase history.

Below is the message created using Gameball that appears to all women shopping for home items, like bedsheets or throw pillows, directing them to check on-sale fashion items. Once female users get the message and click it, they are redirected to the configured fashion page.

3. Tailor Your Customer Experience

Customer experience is important for every business. If a customer enjoys the experience they have with your store, they are likely to come back.

Even better, by customizing your store’s messages, you can create a unique experience for each of your customers.

To tailor your customer’s experience on your platform, you need to make sure you’re sending each type of customer the right message.

If a customer has added items to their cart but hasn’t checked out, you would want to send them in-app notifications reminding and incentivizing them to check out rather than a generic notification on the hottest items on your platform, for example.

As mentioned, first-time visitors should get different messages than frequent ones. Here’s an example of a guest message to a store’s visitors informing them of a rewards program that will give them discounts. Attractive, right?

You should always target your customers with different CTA messages based on what actions or events they are experiencing on your platform.

Customized Messages Are an Art at Gameball

With Gameball you can humanize, configure, and personalize in-app messages in a few simple steps. Once you add Gameball to your platform, you can configure different events that guarantee unique and customized customer experience.

Now, my favorite part of this is how you can customize your messages to appear on specific pages or based on events or actions taken by your customers.

Imagine sending customers messages when they view specific pages on your store like the signup page, their cart, or the checkout page.

You can also trigger messages to appear when they view a product or check their cart. Through the Gameball loyalty program, you can also send your customers messages to remind them that they can win points and discounts when they write a review, refer a friend, or make a purchase above a specific amount!

After you finish configuring all your messages, you can choose whether you would like to publish immediately or schedule your messages to appear on Easter break or New Year’s Eve.

Gameball Customizable In-App Options

In addition to humanizing your customer messages by adding a first name, photos, or even displaying in-app messages in different languages, you can also choose a suitable shape and type of the in-app message.

At Gameball, we offer four different shapes of in-app messages to tailor based on your needs.

  • Small Toast
  • Large Toast
  • Popup
  • Popup with Confetti

You can also define which audience or type of customers to send them a specific message.

For example using Gameball, you can send a message to all customers, or you can segment customers based on specific interests or characteristics, or customers at a certain loyalty level, or customers with a defined range of points balance, such as customers who earned 1,000 to 2,000 points.

This way you can segment and target customers based on different parameters and attributes. You can do all of this and more through Gameball’s rewards and loyalty programs without the need of a CRM. However, if you have a CRM, you can also integrate it with Gameball. Find your desired app to integrate here.

Last but Not Least

When it comes to customization and personalization, there can be many options and ideas. But we don’t want you to fret about it.

The process is actually quite simple. If you have an online store, you can do everything from within Gameball, spare yourself a headache, create loyal customers and drive more sales.

Improve your communication and hence your relation with your customers by using Gameball to engage, reward, customize your users’ experience, and don’t forget to humanize your messages.

Gameball is available through Shopify and WooCommerce. You can also install Gameball and integrate with your platform through the Gameballwebsite.

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