Engage customers using gamification across buyer’s journey

Gamification is a unique way to keep your customers coming back for more. Transform regular activities into challenges to increase customer retention


Create event-based challenges
to trigger desired actions


Reward your customer on their
birthday for a personal touch


Give your customer rewards
for being loyal to your brand

Daily Login

Incentivize daily login by
rewarding regular visits

Social Media

Give rewards for social
media actions

Special Days

Reward customers for
visiting on special days

Signup Reward

Give rewards when
people sign up

Event based

Reward players for buying
from specific categories

Set up rule-based challenges, rewards, and perks

Create challenges that give your customers rewards for their birthday, repeat purchases, sharing your content on socials, daily streaks, and signup anniversary.
Special events
Daily or weekly
Flexible Configurations

Communicate customer achievements across channels

Celebrate your customers' achievements through multiple channels:
Personalized messages
In-app and website push notifications
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Get ready for new levels of engagement, retention, and loyalty with Gameball.