6 Tips for Creating Your Shopify Rewards and Loyalty Program

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Rewards and Loyalty programs have proven to be some of the most effective strategies for boosting your shop’s revenue and also inspiring customer loyalty. A study showed that 84% of customers said they are more likely to stick with the brand that offers a loyalty program. Also, 66% of customers said that earning rewards and spending them later does change their spending behavior.

It is also a known fact that it is a lot cheaper to promote and sell to your existing customers rather than gain new ones.

New clients are not only costly to get, but they also don’t make you much money as regular customers do.

So investing in rewards programs can turn out to be an essential part of sustaining your business.

Getting Started

There are different apps out there for rewards and loyalty programs, so your choice might depend on your specific budget, needs, and preferences. So, once you have chosen the app, you have to decide on the kind of loyalty program you want. Here are the most common ones:

  • Offering points through sales: Customers can earn these points via purchases and actions they make at your store. They can later redeem those points for discounts, free products, and coupons.
  • Offering a VIP experience for your customers by creating your program around tiered memberships will give your clients the option to redeem or earn points at different ratios. For example, Gold members could earn 20 points for every dollar spent, while Silver members earn 10 points for every dollar spent.

Once you decide on the kind of program you want, you can finally start implementing it. Here are a few tips to consider during the process:

1. Keep it simple

To make sure all your customers understand your rewards and loyalty programs, try not to overcomplicate them. Or else, customers might simply give up on the program and stop using it altogether.

The main point to remember is that the whole process needs to be easy and simple enough for your shoppers to comprehend and participate.

For example, if you offer points to customers after they make a purchase on your website, you got to make sure those points are easy to track, and there is an explanation on how to redeem them.

2. Gamification

Gamification is yet another great way to bring out your customer’s competitive side. When you add gamified and full-screen pop-ups to your eCommerce store, you can expect 100% customer engagement with an increase in subscribers by 500% and sales by 135%! “Winning” a discount can have a much stronger impact on your visitors’ psychology than just offering one.

Earning that coupon code can make them more inclined to purchase from your store. This implies an increase in sales! 

Also, fun pop-ups for excellent results! Offer discounts to your visitors for their email addresses. You will see email subscribers and sales double right away with Tada’s gamified and full-screen pop-ups. Head to Tada to get this feature on your store NOW!

3. Do the research

The secret behind the success of any rewards and loyalty program is in the knowledge of your target audience. You cannot offer them a fruitful deal without first understanding what they want from a deal like that.

So, from your customers’ demographic info to current preference trends, you need to collect all the valuable data you can and study it.

This can be done through quizzes, direct surveys, casual interactions, or customers’ sign-up information through social media.

4. Set realistic goals

This entails that your customers need to be able to actually gain some benefit from your rewards program. If the points are a little too hard to achieve or it takes too many of them to receive a reward, customers might simply give up on your program.

So, to make sure this doesn’t occur, offer your customers achievable and actionable ways to earn and redeem these points. You can do that by rewarding different actions, such as referring a friend, adding reviews, or subscribing to your blog.

These actions might not increase your sales directly, but they will boost customer engagement and can therefore be rewarded. Also, as surveys show, this is exactly what 75% of customers expect from an online store.

5. Keep things varied

There are tons of different rewards programs available today, so most of your customers probably would have participated in several other loyalty programs. To stand apart from the crowd, you can make sure your program stays interesting and engaging.

So, rather than simply offering discounts, try a bunch of different rewards and see what works for your eCommerce store. For example, you can offer backstage events, free package subscriptions, or even exclusive brand products for your loyal customers.

All this can be done with the capabilities of the loyalty program app you are using. Also, go for the one that offers plenty of loyalty customizations. That way, they will feel more esteemed, which in turn can boost their trust towards your brand, making them more engaged and invested.

6. Be a go-to voice in your space

There are billions of Shopify stores. Hence the odds are that no matter how exceptional your product or brand is, you got some competition.

So, how to cut through the clutter and turn out to be a destination for your prospective customers?

For this, you need to become a thought leader. It means you need to write with authority. If you sell cosmetics, build content that speaks to how much you know about cosmetics. If you are in fashion, create content like you know fashion.

Don’t ever shy away from speaking like an expert in your particular industry.

Final thoughts

As you must have understood, the steps for building an appealing rewards program can be pretty simple. Invest some time and consideration into it and try offering genuine value to your customer, and you will be stunned by how far you have gotten.

Also, if you are looking for the perfect reward program tool, then look no further than Gameball.

It offers challenges, badges, referral points, purchase rewards, and what not! You can say your eCommerce store is just one step away from growth and progress!

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