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Outbound: New Communication Feature from Gameball

January 25, 2023
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Gameball is starting the new year with a brand-new feature! Introducing Gameball's new Outbound. ✨

New outbound feature by Gameball

Outbound allows you to send personalized communication to your customers through various channels, such as emails, mobile notifications, and web messages. With this feature, customers can send branding and promotional communication to all or specific segments of their base and quantify the impact of each campaign by setting goals.

The Outbound feature also allows you to leverage Gameball's loyalty programs to create a more inclusive experience that ultimately increases your customers' retention and loyalty to your brand. You can target specific segments of your base based on their behaviors, demographics, and purchase history and send personalized messages that increase their engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately, their lifetime value. It's a powerful tool that can drive more sales, revenue, and long-term customer retention.

Gameball new Outbound allows you to communicate with your customers and guests through three different channels.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound is a communication method initiated by businesses to reach their customers and visitors with the goal of grabbing their attention and changing their browsing behavior. In eCommerce, outbound marketing is often used to push/send particular types of messages to attract customers toward significant events that are taking place on the business's platform.

What are the types of Outbound at Gameball?

Here is a breakdown of the three new customer communication methods under the new Gameball Outbound:

1- Emails


Email outbound allows you to send your customers all the updates happening on your platform, whether that is a new collection release, new sales, or new active promo codes. Emails help increase customer retention as they work great in reminding your old customers that the brand they know is still active and that new events are always taking place.

Although emails are delivered on a separate channel from your platform, you can always add a CTA that helps customers land on the desired page through one click only.  Learn how to create an Email outbound with Gameball.

2- Mobile Push


For businesses that provide mobile applications as a platform, this feature is for you! Mobile push is almost used by every application out there. Mobile push enhances customer engagement, as it allows you to reach and deliver messages to your customers instantaneously.

Unlike other forms of outbounds, mobile push messages are unlikely to miss as they pop up on users' screens. Learn how to create Mobile Push with Gameball.

3- Web Messages


Web messages are often used to increase sales. They are usually sent to grab a customer's attention to sales they might be missing or a newly released line of products.

Web messages can also improve customer acquisition if it's used to encourage customers to complete their first. You can also add a button or a redirection link that leads to the signup page to help them complete this step faster. Learn how to create Web messages with Gameball.

What makes Gameball Outbound outstanding?

Gameball doesn't only provide multiple channels of outbound communication; it also allows you to customize and track your configured messages, so you are able to reach a pre-set business goal. Here is a list of some of the things you can do using Gameball Outbound:

Define your target audience

Decide which of your customers should receive this particular outbound. You can send it to everyone, or only the ones who share the same attributes, tags, or segments. Learn more

Set outbound triggers

Automate the outbound so it can reach customers when they behave in a certain way (complete a specific action) on your platform.

Schedule your outbound

Decide the exact day and time the outbound should be sent.

Compose and customize your message

Gameball outbound are all highly customizable. You can write and design your outbound to match the look and feel as well as the language of your brand.

Personalize the outbound

Create outbound that speaks to the audience based on their profile attributes, and by using segments and behavioral data

Insert a call to action (CTA)

Gameball allows you to add a hyperlink (redirection link) and, in some cases, a button so that it takes your customers exactly where you want them to land on your platform.

Set a goal for your outbound

Define a goal behind each outbound so you can track how far the goal has been reached and how well the outbound is performing.

For example, a goal of the email could be that the customer checks a certain product or an increase in the purchase of that product. Gameball allows you to predefine this goal and then gives you numerical feedback that tells if the goal is being met.

Want to see outbound in action? Discover how to create outbound marketing campaigns with Gameball

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as many more exciting things are in the works. We are always working hard to enhance your experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

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