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7 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales

September 24, 2020
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If you have a store on Shopify, then this article is for You! We've created a list of the must-have Shopify apps to boost your store's sales.

You see, having a store on the mega platform comes with many perks.

One of these perks is the multitude of apps that you can integrate into your store to support your business needs.

These apps vary in what they offer.

That's why we have compiled this list of the must-have Shopify apps that can support your business and increase your sales.

Must-Have Shopify Apps in Customer Retention

1. Gameball

A must-have Shopify app is Gameball. We're not being snobbish, but we know our product and it's a must-have because it brings together many of the above options and more.

In other words, with Gameball you can have one app that does the work of several apps.

Gameball is primarily a loyalty and referral program app that can be used in your Shopify store.

That said, Gameball offers social sharing options, such as asking customers to like and follow your social media accounts in exchange for points that they can use as part of their loyalty program later.

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In addition, Gameball allows businesses to offer incentives to customers who refer them to others. In other words, you'd be getting your customers to talk about you and refer you to other customers.

Loyalty marketing and customer retention are at the core of our business.

Having a loyalty program not only allows you to attract new customers but it makes it easy to retain old ones.

Plus, with Gameball, your Shopify store will be a worthwhile experience to your customers.

The bonus here is that Gameball has an always-free version on Shopify.


A great way to get customers to engage and make purchases is for them to see reviews by their peers.

That's where comes in. It's a product review app that allows customers to leave reviews and ratings on your products or services on your Shopify store.

Social proof increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by leveraging your user-generated content," the app explains via its Shopify page.

It's also one of few Shopify apps that provides its services in multiple languages. Thirty-four to be exact!

Want a great sales-boosting tip? You can integrate with Gameball for an ultimate experience.

Get customers to leave reviews and earn points as part of their loyalty program.

3. NextSale

Want to sell more to customers? Give them data about others buying the same products they are buying.

That's what NextSale is about. It's a social proof and must-have Shopify app that creates trust and urgency among your customers.

"Nextsale shows you're an authentic store. It shows people trust you," the app says.

Must-Have Shopify Apps in Marketing

4. Klaviyo

Marketing is an essential part of any business, particularly a Shopify store.

That's why marketing automation software app Klaviyo would be a good idea for your business.

It allows you to create automated email sequences and campaigns based on your customers' buying trends and behavior.

Providing rich customer data, Klaviyo is one of our must-have Shopify apps because it's great for businesses just starting out in building their email lists.

5. Secomapp – Affiliate Marketing

A secondary but growing branch of marketing is affiliate and influencer marketing, which is where Secomapp comes in.

Having served over 250,000 Shopify merchants in the past six years, Secomapp is about building brand ambassadors for your Shopify store.

"Our affiliate tracking process is well-built that makes sure your affiliate system would run smoothly with high accuracy," the app explains on its Shopify page.

Must-Have Shopify Apps in Supporting Services

6. Vajro

Vajro is native mobile app builder on the Shopify store.

It helps merchants create customized mobile apps for their stores with over 20 pre-built themes along with a theme builder for businesses.

Vajro also allows you to update your mobile app in real-time with all your products and collections that are auto-synced with your website.

7. BigBlue

Being a Shopify merchant means you will need help with logistics. This is where Bigblue comes in.

It's a logistics platform that helps Shopify store owners cut shipping costs and sell worldwide!

They also help you with customer satisfaction through branded tracking emails and personalized packaging.

Closing Comments

When you launch a store on Shopify, there are many benefits.

But it's still a store and it needs some work so you can reach out to customers, retain them, and increase your sales.

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