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Mid-Winter Release: February Feature Requests

February 24, 2022
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Just like a customer can request a certain product from a store, here at the Gameball we receive a lot of requests for new features to be added. Once we receive one of the requests there is a special process we undergo to inspect the request and determine when (or if!) this feature will be implemented. We always go through requests diligently to make sure we are constantly enhancing and empowering your experience.

So what are the new features for this month?

1- New Analytics Section: Return on Investment (ROI)


When you head to the analytics section of the Gameball dashboard, you can find different data points regarding the performance of the many programs Gameball provides, such as programs, points redemption, and general analytics. These different sections give you a complete set of insights into how the loyalty system is performing.

Realizing that the current analysis of internal Gameball functionalities is not giving you a complete view over your business, we've created a whole new section that gives a comprehensive insight into how your business is performing, and how Gameball is contributing to the numbers. Here is a list of the information you can find in our new ROI analytics section:

  • Total Revenue (not impacted by time)
  • Average Order Value for Players (not impacted by time)
  • Total Order Value Using Coupons
  • Average Order Value for Players 
  • Total Revenue
  • Referrals Revenue
  • Gameball Rewards Emails Revenue

The analytics section doesn't only show data in numbers but also offers charts. Here are the charts you will find under the ROI section:

  • New Vs. Repeated Buyers
  • Top Performing Channels (based on orders UTMs)
  • Average Order Value Per Player 
  • Average Orders Value for Signed Up Players Vs Guests

Check your ROIs yourself here!

2- Coupon Applied to Specific Categories Only

Coupons apply to certain product collections only

We received many requests to implement this option, and so it was placed early on our product roadmap.

Previously, you were able to create redemption rules which are different coupon types that players can redeem using their points, that are then applied in the check-out process. The coupons, however, were applied to the entire order, in other words, you couldn't create coupons that could only be applied to certain products, that belong to specific collections.


Now, for Shopify and WooCommerce users only, you can create redemption rules that apply to products under pre-specified collections or categories.

For example, you can create a percentage-based discount that can be used on orders that have products from the "Accessories" category. These coupons won't work on the entire order or orders that have products from a different category.

Only certain types of coupons can be applied, such as free shipping and free products can not be applied to specific categories. The redemption rules that support this are:

  • Fixed Amount
  • Percentage-based Discounts

If you are creating a new rule with any of these two types of discounts, you can only make them applicable to certain categories/collections. Here is what players would see on the widget:

product discount applies on specific collections

Learn how to create these redemption rules here!

3- Free Product Coupons Applicable to Certain Product Variants

free product coupons support product variants

This is another feature enhancement that was heavily requested by our customers. Before today, you were able to create a redemption rule that enabled players to get a specific product for free in exchange for some of their points. You could choose any of your products, but not a certain variant of that specific product.

For example, you were able to create a free product coupon for a "floral carpet" that you sell. If you sold this carpet in more than one variant, like multiple colors or different sizes, you weren't able to create a redemption rule (coupon) that offered a discount on a specific variant of this carpet.

For Shopify users, you can specify the variant of product when creating a free product coupon. For example, instead of giving away any color of that "floral carpet" you have; you can now choose to offer only the "small blue floral carpet" in the form of a redeemable coupon. Learn more

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as there are many more exciting things in the works. We are always working hard to enhance your experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email to