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Introducing V2.00 of Gameball Customer-facing Profile Widget

June 22, 2020
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Introducing the new Gameball profile widget V2.00. Revamped to meet your expectations and based on your feedback and multiple user testing sessions, the new version of our customer-facing widget now offers better performance and experience!

What is new in version 2.00?

1. Speed and performance

The widget user interface has been rebuilt to optimize store theme DOM loading. Its performance is now enhanced by 32% less loading time. We have also revamped the mobile view version with better responsiveness and faster experience on all devices.

2. New languages support

We added 2 new customer-facing supported languages; Italian and Hungarian. Now the widget supports a total of 9 languages; English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, German, Italian, and Hungarian.

3. Program name

Now you can add a name for your rewards program. This will allow you to always market your loyalty program using your branded program name. Also if you don’t want to name it and keep it as is, just leave it empty, and it will be handled as well.

A screenshot of Gameball profile widget profile with a program named "Plus Rewards"

4. Notifications stacking

Sometimes your customers may achieve multiple challenges or rewards at the same time, therefore they might receive multiple in-app notifications at the same time. Now, notifications will be neatly stacked based on the viewport of the used device.

5. Levels (Tiers) milestones

Your customers will now be able to see all levels (tiers) inside your loyalty program and where they stand. This will encourage them to engage more and give them a sense of urgency to do what’s next. Levels milestones can now be accessible via the new button in the scorecard, for better usability.

A screenshot of Gameball profile widget levels (tiers) list

6. Revamped redemption experience

We gathered feedback on our old widget’s points redemption experience. We have completely revamped it with better and informative actions. We also changed the way your customers can access the redemption tab and added a call to action directly on the points card for better usability.

A screenshot of Gameball profile widget new redemption experience

7. New widget launcher button case

Now you can use our left/right tab launcher shape for the widget but with text, so you can add your program name on the launcher button in the tab case as well!

8. Changeable icons for score and points

Feel free now to change the name of Gameball’s Score and Points. You can also change their corresponding icons with our new icon set.

9. Changing widget static text/scripts

You can now change some of the static texts available in the widget and scripts. For example, you can completely change the text of “How it works” tab with your relevant text. Get more creative with your copy!

We are trying hard to enhance our customer-facing interface to fulfill all our clients' requirements and needs, if you have any comments, please send an email to

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