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Gameball Updates: Better Dashboard Experience

March 14, 2023
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After introducing the new outbound last month, Gameball is still carrying on with  "Empowered,"  focusing on customer enablement and enhancing their experience. This round of Empowered intends to enhance the customer's experience with Gameball's dashboard. The target of this chapter will be achieved if the new enhancements make your configuration process faster and easier.

So what's new?

1- Generate Messaging Content Using Gameball AI


With our new machine learning technology, You can now use the new Gameball AI to generate flawless Outbound content for easy and flawless customer messaging. Learn how to create an outbound

Gameball AI encompasses titles and body copy for all three types of outbound:

  1. Emails
  2. Mobile Push
  3. Web Messages

Check out Gameball AI at the composing stage of an outbound marketing campaign and try it yourself. Visit Gameball's Outbound section and start composing your perfect message.

2- Challenge Catalog that Has Ready-to-Use Challenge Templates


Gameball recognizes how configuring challenges from scratch is a difficult task and how it's sometimes unclear what type of challenges to create. For that reason, we've created a challenge catalog where you get to find more than 30 templates, each serving a different business objective.

There are three main types of challenges you can set up through the Gameball dashboard:

  1. Objective-based
  2. Occasion-based
  3. Custom challenge

You will find ready-to-use templates under the first two categories. Learn more

You can find the Challenges Catalog when you click Add ways to earn on the Ways to Earn page.

3- Setting Player Rewards Is Now Easier for All Programs


Creating a suitable reward for players is perhaps the most crucial step in designing your loyalty system and in retaining customers. Whether you're configuring a player reward for achieving a challenge, completing a referral, or leveling up, you will always want to create the most wonderful rewarding experience for your player. For that reason, Gameball has changed the reward configuration process to a clearer and easier one.

4- New Dashboard Allocations and User Interface


Have you noticed the dashboard changes recently? Gameball has been working on improving your dashboard experience during the past month.

If you're not sure what has happened, here is a list of the significant changes that took place:

What dashboard changes has Gameball made to shift your experience?

  • The Programs tab has been removed and replaced with "Ways to Earn"
  • The new Ways to Earn section includes cashback points, referrals, and a challenges catalog.
  • The challenge catalog has over 30 ready-to-use challenge templates that will help serve your business objectives. Learn more
  • Points configuration is now called "Ways to Redeem" and is accessed through the left bar.
  • The levels program is now accessible through the dashboard's left bar.
  • The internal experience of configuring levels has been modified.
  • The entire look and feel of the dashboard have been revamped.

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as many more exciting things are in the works. We are always working hard to enhance your experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email at

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