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Boosting Customer Experience: May's Product Updates

June 1, 2022
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Like previous months, May is loaded with new product ideas and enhancements. This month, Gameball product team gave great attention to the experience of both registered customers (players) and unregistered customers (Guests), as well as your experience with tracking both their behavior in an effort to turn your guests into repeat customers through creating and deploying the proper customized marketing and loyalty strategies.

What's new in May?

1- Guest Customers Recognized by Gameball


Deploying a loyalty program is no longer exclusive to registered customers only. You can now allow guest customers to enjoy the loyalty journey as well. When you choose to enable unregistered visitors to be part of your customized loyalty experience, they will be able to:

  • Get cashback points for completed purchases
  • Win prizes for completing challenges
  • Level Up and earn new level prizes and benefits
  • Recieve email notification after some achievements

They won't be able to:

  • Redeem points (Although they will be winning points, they can only redeem them if they signed up)
  • Win sign up challenge reward (until they decide to register)
  • Enjoy birthday gifts through the birthday challenge
  • Streak challenge

To enable your guest customers to join in on your loyalty experience, just head to the Programs Participations section at the Admin Settings, or check out this help center article.

Note: once you enable Gameball to recognize guests as part of your program, you will find their profiles reflected in the Players section.

2- Guests Receiving Email Notifications


Now that guests can be an integral part of your program, You can send email notifications to inform your guest customers of their achievements and rewards. Notifications can then motivate customers to sign up.

Note: guests have to register their email during the checkout process when placing an order to start receiving your configured email notifications.

3- Change All Widget Content


Before today, you were able to alter only general elements on both the player and guest widgets, such as program names, certain variables, icons, etc. Now, you have complete autonomy over your widget! From general modifications like the FAQ content to detailed articulations of case-based messages such as the "no new notification" now have complete control over the entire widget content.

This will help you create a more compliant widget that goes well with your platform theme and branding. All you need to do is visit the content section in the widget settings and do what you think needs to be done.

4- Linking Customer's Shopify Profile with Their Gameball Player Profile


For quick access and an easy way of viewing the player's Shopify profile, we've added a redirection link on their Gameball's inner profile. This way, you can view that same customer's profile on Shopify when you are on their Gameball profile without having to manually research for it on Shopify.

This also goes the other way around. When landing any customer profile on Shopify, you will find a button that leads you directly to their Gameball profile. You can now compare both their shopping and loyalty information and behavior without wasting any time searching.

5- Giveaways through Free Coupon Redemption


A feature we have been asked to do frequently. Now, you can give away completely free products and free shipping. If you're asking: "aren't these coupons free giveaways already?" Not exactly. Players have to exchange some of their points with any of these coupons. Now you can also choose that these coupons could be redeemed without players having to give some of their points away. "How?" you ask; the answer is quite simple. When creating these redeemable vouchers, just put "zero" under equivalent points. Learn how to create these types of coupons here.

6- Include or Exclude Players from Your Loyalty  Program Experience in Bulks

activate-and-deactivate-players-through include/exclude-button

If you need to activate or deactivate certain customers from your loyalty system, you can now do it with a few clicks. You can execute this action on one player, all players, or a group of players using our filters. Check out this new enhancement yourself in Gameball's Players tab. You can also apply this to a single player by visiting their profile. Learn how to apply this action here.

Note: This action applies to both players and guest customers. You can also filter customers based on their include/exclude status.

7- Gameball Sync of Deleted Customers on Shopify

Sync-Shopify-an- Gameball-deleted players

When deleting any customer through your Shopify dashboard, this automatically reflects on Gameball, and that customer will be deactivated and deleted from the loyalty program.

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as there are many more exciting things in the works. We are always working hard to enhance your experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email at

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