Woocommerce Integration with Gameball - Mobile

WooCommerce + Gameball

Build a gamified loyalty program in just a few minutes for your WooCommerce website without any coding language. Encourage long term loyalty and start rewarding your customers with badges, levels and points.

Woocommerce Integration with Gameball - Mobile

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Upgrade your loyalty program with game-like features. Let your customers collect badges, points, and level up as they complete purchases. Build a referrals program in one minute! Turn your customers into brand ambassadors and let them bring you more customers

Levels & tiers


Purchase Reward


Moment-based Push Messages

Upsell more products with moment-based popups! Send the right message at the right time to the right person and increase your sales.

Loyalty program customizable widget - Mobile
Loyalty program customizable widget - Mobile

Fully Customized Widget

Customize your widget seamlessly to match your brand’s look and feel. We designed the Gameball Widget with your customers in mind so you can change texts, language, and colors depending on your brand design.

Easy points redemption at checkout - Mobile

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Integrate Gameball with WooCommerce and Create a unified customer experience across all channels. Give your customers more reasons to love your brand by unifying your rewards program in one place.

unified customer experience - Mobile

Explore Pricing and Features

Find out how you can use Gameball with WooCommerce to retain and grow your customers with game-like features.

Integrate Gameball with your Favorite Apps

Power up your loyalty program by connecting your favorite marketing tools and WooCommerce. From email marketing tools and CRMs to review apps and help desk.

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