Profiling and Segmentation

Profiling and segmentation for unparalleled customization

Track and segment your customers for in-depth analytics, targeted campaigns and detailed customer profiles.

Track customers wherever they are

Divide customers into a variety of segments and track their engagements in your store using actions such as adding products to cart, amount spent, types of product they buy, and more

Sync, combine, and analyze

Sync Gameball with your CRM and combine your customer tags with your rewards program to
your customer profiling and segmentation database.

Tiered Segmentation for a unique customer experience

With profiling and segmentation, you can create unique customer experiences, identify and reward VIP customers and create massive growth through targeted messaging

Use product-related segmentation to highlight certain product lines

Engage with customers using our unique product segmentation to tailor messages along the buyer’s journey

All your segmentation capabilities in one place

Send the right messages at the right time to retain and acquire customers.

Personalize and analyze with hyper segmentation

Keep customers coming back with hyper-segmentation by customizing offers and rewards to their needs

Deliver customer messages using segmentation

Deliver unique and customized messages to drive the right customers to take actions

Create a loyalty status segment

Entice repeat customers with unique, on-brand rewards. The more actions the higher their rewards

View customers across
various segments

Analyze your customer data using various in-depth segmentation options from a single dashboard. Target customers based on any combination of characteristics such as

Get ready for new levels of engagement, retention, and loyalty with Gameball.