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We help online businesses win back their customers

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Our Story

Most of human experiences are now online. From social interactions to food ordering and having our household appliances connected to the internet. Our team is obsessed about digital interactions, and we see a gap in how people engage online. This is reflected in high churn rates and low engagement indicators for the vast majority of digital platforms.

We are onto a mission to help online businesses win back their customers by enabling them to create engaging experiences that actually make a difference.







What we do

We redefine how humans engage online. We created Gameball; a little widget with huge capabilities. Within Gameball we crafted powerful engagement mechanics that act along the entire typical digital funnel.

Why we do it

Online businesses are always challenged to keep their customers engaged and retained. By triggering right emotions at the right time, we make digital experiences meaningful and relatable, thus significantly boost customer engagement.

How we do it

We know how human emotions work, and we constantly research and develop Gameball to include the best engagement elements that fit different use cases. We are multidisciplinary, and we work closely with our clients to ensure impactful results.

Our Team

Ahmed Khairy

Ahmed looks after business and growth. Before Gameball, he spent 10 years working in multiple technical and commercial roles for multinationals.

Ahmed El Assy

Ahmed looks after product development and innovation. He is the mastermind behind some of the most famous loyalty and engagement solutions in the Middle East. Some of the brands he worked with include Visa, MasterCard, Vodafone, Orange, and Careem.

Omar Alfar

Omar looks after technology and operations. He is a technology consultant and cloud expert. Worked for multinationals and led technology teams in Egypt, UK, India and Greece.

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