The best loyalty widget for Shopifynothing is one click away.

Powerful customer engagement mechanics made easy!

Loyalty Engine

Build loyalty and rewards programs that are tailored for your customers.

Messaging & Notifications

Send targeted and moment based messages to engage, onboard and convert.

Referral Management

Leverage and manage referral channels and monitor referral revenues.

Keep your customers hookednothing

Our gamified loyalty engine keeps your customers hooked and invested through game-like features. Let your customers earn points, collect badges and level up through your experience.

Targeted & personalized engagementnothing

Stop sending irrelevant messages and push notifications. Tailor your communications and make them behavior and moment based. Optimize your messages for onboarding and conversion.

Leveragenothing word of mouth

Referrals made easy with Gameball. Your customers will enjoy being your brand advocates. Easy referrals deep links for your different platforms, referrals analytics, and much more.

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