Give customers alternative
payment options

Keep them coming back with Gameball's digital wallet solution

Boost engagement and sales with special wallet rewards

Excite and engage customers and add rewards elements to their digital wallets on special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and their birthday.

Connect your wallet
to anything and everything.

Put everything in one place for your customers by connecting all actions and transactions to your wallet solution. Connect customers' store credit, discounts and loyalty programs in a single centralized wallet.

Provide multiple redemption options for your customers

Give customers more reasons to use your brand's digital wallet and buy from you by offering multiple ways to add, earn and redeem points.

Link your customers' wallets to their engagement

Turn your virtual wallet into an engagement-and-rewards tool. Every action your customers take counts as a reward directly into their wallets.

Customize your wallet with a points-based API solution

Increase retention with Gameball's API solutions for virtual wallets, where customers can earn, accumulate, and redeem points

Ensure security with server-to-server transactions

With Gameball, you can use server-to-server transactions for your e-wallet solution to guarantee a higher level of security for all financial transactions.

Get ready for new levels of engagement, retention, and loyalty with Gameball.