Loyalty & Cashback

Increase loyalty and repeat purchases through cashback

Encourage repeat customers by giving back a certain percentage of the amount spent and helping them save money on their next purchase
Gameball Features

A variety of features to achieve all your growth objectives

Create special limited-time cashback campaigns

Want to spur buying during a downtime, holiday, or special event? Create limited-time cashback campaigns where customers can earn double points on specific days or hours.

Create special loyalty and cashback campaigns in minutes

Offering cashback rewards means you don't have to discount your products or lower their value. With Gameball, you can create cashback reward campaigns and offer cashback bonuses in under 5 minutes.

Offer cashback loyalty programs for special tiers

Offer VIP tiers higher cashback on their purchases and determine how and when customers can receive the higher cashback rewards.

Change cashback value easily across vendor locations and configuration

With Gameball, you'll be able to change the value earned from your cashback campaigns easily across marketplace configurations, retail groups, and multi-vendor locations.

Get ready for new levels of engagement, retention, and loyalty with Gameball.