Gameball Levels, Tiers and VIP Programs

Create a multi-level engagement program. Help your customers climb through Gameball levels by completing desirable store actions. Your customers will unlock new rewards every time they level up!

Turn Your Store Milestones Into Gameball Levels

Visualize different use case scenarios where your customer converts on your store and bring them to life as achievable Gameball levels

Recognize and Reward Your VIP Customers

Recognize, retarget and convert your VIP customers with third-party email and push notifications. Gameball integrates with the top marketing tools available today.

Design Multi-Level Loyalty Programs

Enrich your Gameball levels with additional reward tiers based on their score. The more your customers level up your store, the more rewards, badges and benefits they unlock!

More Gameball Programs

Challenges and Badges

Cashback Rewards


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