Keep Them Coming Back With  Cashback

Everyone’s favorite incentive - and for good reason. Encourage customers to buy more  and save more with cashback, without discounting or lowering your product's value. 

Cashback Can Help you Grow- Especially When You Need It Most

Want to spur buying during a downtime, holiday, or special event? Create limited-time cashback campaigns where customers can earn double points on specific days or hours - without sacrificing product value. 

Customize Cashback Options Across Different Platforms and Marketplaces

With Gameball, you'll be able to change the value earned from your cashback campaigns easily across marketplace configurations, retail groups, and multi-vendor locations.

Create Loyalty Campaigns and Cashback Rewards Instantly

Offering cashback rewards means you don't have to discount your products or lower their value. With Gameball, you can create cashback reward campaigns in under 5 minutes.

Offer Cashback Loyalty Programs For Special Tiers

Offer VIP tiers higher cashback on their purchases and determine how and when customers can receive the higher cashback rewards. 

Still Need Some Help Deciding?

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